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Love what we do? Would you like to work with us? Here is a video that describes how doTerra works & what joining our team looks like. You will get our resources, tips & mentorship so you can too add this business successfully to your life <3

The video below is an educational presentation about our experience in business & why doTerra was an essential addition for us both. We explain how doTerra works, what our team looks like, compensation, ideas for sharing & entrepreneurship tips in general that we've learned over the years.























What you'll learn in this video:

  • 2:00 min - Our stories and what led us to this work and to essential oils (Diana 's story is one of physical health and Shawna's is one of mental health)

  • 8:00 min - Our backgrounds, certifications, what we offer and how doTerra & essential oils fit in

  • 9:34 min - Our experience with making a sustainable income in the holistic/wellness/health field 

  • 12:00 min - Business & entrepreneurship tips in the health & wellness field

  • 16:34 min - The different ways doTerra can be done and what it looks like

  • 18:14 min - Why we partnered with doTerra (why we chose this company for teaching and recommending essential oils and why we added it to our businesses)

  • 20:00 min - What would be your focus? What health/mood/self-care challenges have been a part of your story?

  • 22:30 min - What are essential oils? How do they work?

  • 26:00 min - doTerra's sourcing, testing, production processes

  • 30:15 min - Why "network marketing?" & our experience with it

  • 34:20 min - How compensation/income works with doTerra (i.e. how you make an income from being a doTerra Wellness Advocate)

  • 41:48 min - Average monthly income based on months in business

  • 50:57 min - Expenses/what's involved with doing the business (i.e. being a doTerra Wellness Advocate)

  • 60:12 min - Reflection questions (what does your wellness/health business or side passion project look like?)

  • 62:15 min - Ideas for how to share, inspire and educate your niche

  • 69:00 min - How do I get started? What's the process?

  • 76:00 min - Questions? & How to connect with us

  •                       for more information or to book a meeting/zoom call

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