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The best way to get started is with a starter kit. There are a few to choose from.













Use this link to start with one of my favourite kits or edit the cart to your liking


-A starter kit also gets you a doTERRA account with wholesale pricing (25% off retail site prices )

-A free wellness consult from myself or one of my team members to help you learn how to use your oils safely and effectively

-A welcome package, with resources, recipes and tools to help you get started on the EO life & so you can make your own natural product

-Access to private education groups on Facebook

-Access to Oil School for free


Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP)--- completely optional but a great way to get free product!!

Watch this video if you want to learn more about our points program and earn free product


{Optional} Monthly Autoship of your choice of awesome doTERRA Products

  • For customers & advocates

  •   a great way to add to your collection. It can be 1pv order or more. To keep points, it must be at least 1 pv.

  • After a year of monthly orders, you will receive up to 30% back in free product

  • Move up in % back when orders are more than 50pv

  • Earn points and commissions with a $100pv order/month

  • Freedom to change your LRP order up to your monthly ship date








There are 3 paths to doTERRA


The Oil Lover & User

These are the people who just want to use essential oils, get support from an amazing community, and get the best prices. You become what is called a “Wellness Advocate” and will get 25% off of all purchases for the year. I am here to help you start this oil journey and to educate you on how to have natural solutions at your fingertips.


The Oil Lover & Sharer

These are the Oil Lovers that use and breathe oils daily and couldn’t stop talking about oils, so they began to easily share them with others. Their goal is mostly to spread the love and earn free product doing so.


The Oil Lover & Business Builder

Builders are the people who love the oils, love to share the oils and love to share how to live a more natural life. In my opinion this is the most amazing option, as I have built a business from home doing what I love. You may do this full time or do this business on the side until you are at a rank where you can’t believe you can and want to do this full time. If you are ready to invest 15+ hours a week into building your oil biz, because you know how beneficial the oils are and believe that every home needs them, then this is the path for you. Here is a video from one of the top leaders in doTERRA.

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