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Diana DiPaolo McDonnell

BSc in Health Sciences

M.S. in Education


CPR & First Aid Instructor

Wellness Coach for DoTerra

Certified Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor & Doula

Reiki Practitioner with Thai Yoga Massage

Diana graduated from Brock University with a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences and obtained a Master of Science in Education from Niagara University. During this time, she helped conduct research on child hypertension and obesity which initiated her passion for health promotion and education. Continuing to follow her passion, Diana also became certified as a personal trainer, fitness and yoga instructor to help individuals in her community reach their health and wellness goals.


Diana has also become a Doula to be able to help expecting mothers with their journey through pregnancy, labour and with post natal care. It is one of Diana's goals to help create the best birth experience for mothers and their partners by providing continuous support before, during and after the birth, as well as emotional and practical support during the postpartum period. She also teaches prenatal/postnatal/yoga and workshops to help mothers with the next chapter.


As a Wellness Coach for DoTerra, she educates individuals on how to live healthier lives by getting rid of synthetics and by having a tool kit with natural solutions at their fingertips in our homes. She also mentors individuals on how to build a wellness business with DoTerra to empower more families to live healthier and happier lives. If you also have a passion for health, and want to learn more about starting your own health and wellness business, email Diana. She can explain how she started and help you get started too. 


Diana's main focus now is bringing wellness into the workplace. Too many are sitting long hours on their drives to and from work, then at their desk, lacking energy, feeling stressed and/or overwhelmed. Diana offers yoga, meditation, CPR/First Aid and various health talks for the workplace to help promote health and selfcare for happier and healthier workers. Research has shown that happier workers, work better. 

Diana’s motto is: “Live your passion and share it joyfully. Service is not a chore when you are sharing what you love.” The rejuvenation of yoga, fitness and living a healthy life has inspired Diana to share this passion with others, so that they too may understand the benefits of living an active and natural life. She looks forward to working with you, to help you find your inner and outer bliss. 

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